How to Enjoy Blockbusters in Boss BV9992 In-Dash 7 Car DVD Player

Published: 17th October 2011
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Enjoying Hollywood blockbusters in car is regarded as a pleasant thing. Many motorists download movies, while, they have difficulties to play the movies in the car DVD player, such as the format compatibility issue or no suitable DVD burning software. For these issues, I will make the guide to specify them. The following tutorial takes Boss BV9992 In-Dash 7 Car DVD Player for example. It is also suitable for other car DVD players.

Step1. Get the detailed information of the car DVD player

The most important thing is to be aware of the supported format of the car DVD player. Different car DVD players support different audio& video formats.

The BV9992 plays back your DVDs/SDVDs, SVCDs/VCDs, CDs, CD-R/Ws, and WMA/MP4/MP3 files. The BV9992 features a USB port and SD Card jack, so you can instantly switch out USB thumb drives or SD cards with a fresh batch of MP3 tunes/podcasts/etc.

Tip: For audio plays, you just need to download the WMA or MP3 files and save them in your SD card or MP3 player device, then connect the device to the car DVD player. For video plays, you need to convert and burn them to DVD discs.

Step2. Download the DVD burner software

You need to burn the movies to DVD discs before enjoying these movies on car DVD player. I use Sothink free movie DVD maker to burn my AVI and RMVB movies to DVD discs. I love this freeware. It not only burns DVDs but also creates family movie menus for me.

Tip: Simply copying movies to DVD disc will cause play problems. You need to convert movies to VOB format or others. The easy-to-use video to DVD burner software can save you much time and energy.

Step3. Set the burning parameters

Click "Add Files" button to add the videos you want to burn. Choose "Target disc size" in the "Settings" option. There are two options: "DVD-5 (4.7G)" and "DVD-9 (8.5G)". You can make more advanced settings with "Advanced" option.

Tip: D5 is a single layered DVD disc with nearly 5 GB capacity while D9 is a double layered DVD disc with nearly 9 GB capacity.

Click "DVD Menu" option to add movie menus. Dozens of inbuilt menu templates are available in the program. However, you can DIY movie menu too; for instance, you can change the background image to your wedding pictures or baby photos etc. You can refer to the movie menu DIY guides.

Step4. Trim the movies if needed

Tired of the advertisement of the movies? You can trim the movies before burning. Just choose the movie and then click "Edit-> Trim…". Drag the left triangle to a position you want it be the start of the converted video and the right triangle to a position you want it be the end of the converted video.

Step5. Burn movies to DVD discs

Click "Burn" button in the toolbar. If you forget to insert a DVD disc to your PC, the burnt files will be saved in the folder where the program is installed. The folder will open automatically after the burning.

Tip: Three types of files are included in the VIDOE_TS folder: .IFO (information files), .VOB (video data files), .BUP (backups for IFO files).

Step6. Insert the burnt DVD discs to the Boss BV9992 In-Dash 7

Copy the burnt DVD folder to your DVD disc. Now, enjoy blockbusters with this car DVD player. This method is also suitable for other car DVD players.

Tip: For your safety, you’d better park your car if you want to watch movies.

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